How to Succeed When All the Good Ideas Seem Taken

Are all good ideas taken?

That’s a question I’ve often mistaken.

But when I focus and think

I solve idea problems in a blink

And good ideas in me awaken.

One of the biggest challenges most people have is coming up with a good idea. Whether it’s for a business, product, an invention or just a way to make a few extra bucks on the side. The main problem most people I talk with give is all the good ideas seem taken already.

I found that to be true for most people who expect good ideas to come to them. Or they like waiting for a light bulb to go off or lightening to strike. But there are specific steps or techniques anyone can use to help good ideas come to you instead of you having to wait for them.

The Number One Mistake Most People Make Is…

I admit trying to come up with a totally new idea caused me the most frustration like it does most others. But I found a better, quicker, and easier way is to simply work to improve on an idea. Because more money is made off of idea improvements than original ideas.

In fact, people who try to create original ideas fail 10 times more often than people who focus on idea improvements.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

Those five words above should work to encourage and inspire you to focus on idea improvements. Yes, whatever the product, service, or business you see, focus on improvement.

No matter how saturated the market appears at first glance, focus on improvement. Yes, improvements and profits are waiting for you to discover. Just take the time and small effort to follow the effective steps below.

3 Steps to Succeed When All Good Ideas Seem Taken

1. Add Something Extra

Thousands of successful new products are created each year by simply adding a new feature, twist or benefit. For example, cereals add more flavors, foods add more health benefits, cars add more safety features, and homes add more comforts and energy efficiency.

Service companies add more conveniences, comforts and amenities to their customers. Thinking of something extra you can add to an established product or service can pay big rewards. The key is knowing the unfulfilled wants and needs of your target market.

2. Take Something Negative Away

These days people are more cautious and careful than ever before. You’ll find more people are willing to pay extra for not just what’s in a product, but what’s not in it as well. For example, salt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free and the list goes on.

What negative can you take away or reduce in a product, service or idea? This could give you the foundation of a whole new market of customers.

3. Combine Two or More Ideas

If you can combine one or more successful ingredients, features or ideas you’d have a whole new product or service people could take notice of.