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Ways On How to Prevent Hacked Email Account

You will always have a bad feeling when you know that a stranger has accessed your email account and you will do all that you can do for you to ensure that your valuable data is not stolen. In order to prevent your personal space from intruders who might want to hack your email account it is vital to take all the necessary steps that are needed in order to avoid email hacking and by considering the top tips and tricks that I will outline in this article will be successful in having an email account that is free from strangers and intruders.

Changing of password regularly is something that is recommended for you since it enables you always to be sure and secure of your email account and you can decide to change it by adding a letter or a number so that it becomes a new password and a longer password is always recommended because it is more secure. There are some advanced programs that are capable of producing stable and dependable password automatically and this helps and individuals since they cannot forget and another tip that you should have is that of avoiding writing a password on a book so as to prevent someone from accessing it.

Another means that you can prevent email hacking intrude that’s from accessing your email account is by using two-factor authentication because even if they have your password, they will need to enter the code that is sent to your phone for them to be able to access your email. Having recovery email address or a secondary email account is significant since in the case that you are email account is hacked you can be able to access it through the recovery email address, and you can also put some valuable information on your recovery, or your in secondary email account so that you are not affected in case your email account has been hacked.

When you are considering having an email account it is vital to have a Yahoo mail and also a Gmail because by having different providers you will be assured of security since when one email is hacked the other one will still be safe. Updating your phone number is essential when it comes to Gmail account recovery and this is one way that you can be able to preventemail hackingsince in the scenario that you have lost your email you will need a secondary device which in most cases is your phone to recover your email through an SMS call that will be sent for you to come if the email account is yours. By considering the above tips will still be able to giveemail hacking and you will be comfortable knowing that your email account is safe.