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Methods of Removing Tattoos

Approximately 25 percent of those who get their bodies’ tattooed regret because the side effects are many. Procedure of removing a tattoo is both expensive and uncomfortable. The following are some of the methods for removing tattoos.

Laser is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of permanent tattoos from your body and it is the most common method used today and is the safest one. Laser tattoo removal industry alone bagged around $82 million in the year 2018. The technology behind it is that laser is used to break down the ink pigment colors using a very high-intensity light beam. Laser treatment procedure has two categories which are passive and active laser treatment. Passive laser treatment is a cheap method of getting your tattoos removed but it removes them partially. In order to avoid being conned, you need to do wide research on medical-grade Q-switched lasers because their differences are small. Tattoos of all colors are effectively removed through active laser treatment procedure. Scarring risks in these procedures are very minimal compared to other methods. Active Q-switch is divided into YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite which have different color spectrum.For more info. Click here.

The second method of tattoo removal is called intense pulsed light therapy which uses the method of removing skin’s top layer to get rid of tattoos by use of broad-spectrum light. The tattoo pigments are decomposed into very tiny components that passed into bloodstream and washed away leaving behind some scars which then heals with time. This method of removing tattoo is not ideal for color people.See more here

The third way of removing tattoos is through a process called Cryosurgery commonly used to treat skin cancer but can also be used to remove tattoos. This method uses freezing agents such as liquid nitrogen for removing tattoo. Some of the reasons why anesthesia is required for this process, is because removal of inked epidermis is so painful. This method is cheaper compared to other methods but it does not favor those with sensitive skins.Details about cryosurgery see here.

Dermabrasion is another technique used for tattoo removal. Dermabrasion is the process that makes use of high-speed brush or wheel to remove the upper layer of the skin that contain tattoo pigment.

Salabrasion is an old way of removing tattoos from the body using saline and water solutions. Salt is used as a scrubbing tool to remove the tattoo pigment from the skin.

Chemical injection is another option of tattoo removal procedure that is recommended for permanent tattoos. Chemicals injected into the body catalyzes the process of a body to get rid of tattoos from the skin. The chemicals ignites the body defense system into fighting against the tattoo pigment because they are detected as foreign objects. The advantage of injection process is that scarring risk is reduced.