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Benefits of Digital Fabric Printing

Shorter print runs is one of the important benefits of digital fabric printing. The disadvantage of the old traditional technique is that the manufacturers used to print long runs in order to be economically viable. Short and medium runs are possible in with the digital fabrics printing and it is economically viable at the same time. Another thing about digital fabric printing is that the changes can be made immediately without having to incur extra costs and delays. If you choose the digital fabric printing, you can only print fabrics on demand and this can save you a lot of money in different ways. Reduced storage costs, fewer stocks and getting stock to the market makes the digital fabric printing the right choice of technology.

It is environmentally safe to use digital fabric printing than using other traditional printing methods. If you do not want to have problem with environmental agencies, then you need to consider using digital fabric printing. The amount of water and electricity energy required for the printing process is much less compared to the traditional one. The amount of pollution produced by textile industry through printing, can only be minimized by using the digital fabric printing.

The quality of printing of digital fabric printing is high and the customization is also possible. If you compare the printings of digital fabric printings to other printing methods, you will realize that the digital fabric printing produces high-quality printing. It is important to understand that the printing that is made from digital fabric printings are attractive since the printings have sharp and clean edges. Fine lines, sharp geometry, color blotches and micro-floral pattern are some of the properties that can be reproduced using digital fabric printing. Digital fabric printing enables the production of numerous varieties of images, graphics and designs.

Reduced cost is another importance of digital fabric printing. One of the best advantages of this technology is that it helps to save the production costs. It is advisable to choose the digital fabric printing because the electricity and water required for printing is normally low. The equipment used in traditional printing is for the long runs alone. The screens that normally make other types of printing costs are not available in the digital fabric printing.

It is important to note that the amount of money required as an initial investment for digital fabric printing is low. It is costly to start up a traditional printing than a digital fabric printing. With digital fabric printing the amount required for investment is reasonably low. This gives the opportunity to people of all walks to venture into the business and they grow with time.

Lastly, digital fabric printing gives out the result very fast.

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