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Fit Your Personal Style with These Various T Shirt Printing Methods

A precise printing method must first be used when creating your own T-shirt style. There are other methods which can fit your personal style apart from the common heat pressing and screen printing methods. To ensure you have your own style, here are some printing methods you can take advantage of

1. Screen Printing

This is a common method especially among the experts. Other people refer to it as silkscreen printing. In order to make this means work, you require a stencil together with a nylon mesh. It is set up with the stencil which is held on by the nylon mesh. A water proof material is used for blocking the negative space for what you want to design.

The permeable part of the dye is created with the negative space form. The later part of the process includes flooding of ink on the screen. The method is ideal for printing high quality t-shirt designs. The precise replica of the replica is also guaranteed. A unique, impressive and unique finish is assured for your customer.

2. Direct to Garments

This is another popular method used by experts apart from the screening method. It is very easy to perform however it calls for skills and knowledge hence the need for professional help. Some major requirements include an ink and textile printer.

It works similarly like the printer in your office. However instead of printing papers, the ink is entering the fabric. You will need to ensure you upload the design to a software which develops the creativity and uniqueness.

The method is preferred for printing the super complex design. The touch design is ensured with that soft feel touch with your hands. The ink that is used does not create thick added layers on the shirt due to its thinness.

A major concern is with the development of the low resolution design when working on the weak textile printer with the dot patterns. The thinness of the ink makes it less practical to work on dark fabric hence this method is not preferred for creating these designs.

3. Dye Sublimation

The method is very usable on light fabrics and shirts. As an expert in the field of t-shirt designing, you must bear the costs of producing dye sub. You need to have a deep knowledge concerning dye sublimation for achieving the perfect results. This is made for printing polyester such as cream products.

Upon exposure of the solid fabric to heat and pressure, it ends up turning to gas. The fabric molecules which appear on the shirt expand and sip between the gaps. The molecules further contact when removed from heat. This is highly recommended for printing polyester shirts with dye sublimation.

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